June 13, 2014


Tequila is a drink that can be enjoyed in more ways besides in margaritas. Not to say margaritas aren’t delicious (especially when mixed with EXODO Orange Silver Tequila), but here are a few more ways to quench your thirst:

Solo: Choose a good tequila— EXODO Silver, perhaps — toss in a couple cubes of ice, and sip slowly after a meal.

Con Sangrita: Sip a shot of tequila alongside a shot of sangrita, a deliciously spicy tomato juice.

Submarino: Take a shot of tequila then chase it with a beer. Take it a step further by inverting the tequila inside your beer glass.

Coscorron: Give yourself a “knock on the head” by adding a small amount of lemon-lime soda and a few drops of lime juice to a shot of tequila. Gently (we mean very gently so you don’t spill) tap the shot glass on the table to mix, then drink the shot!

Tequila Sunrise: Have your tequila with your orange juice, a splash of grenadine, and then top it with a cherry.