Our Maestro Tequilero has selected a distinct process for our triple distilled tequila. The ultimate expression of a luxury smooth tequila brand is to be able to enjoy by sipping your drink. Except now we are adding a new line of exotics tropical fruits flavors, the extra ingredients and natural fruits are added to the tequila and it is left in sealed wood barrel for a period of time to gentle and to adopt the fruit flavors, this period of time can range from days to months depending on the ingredients and the fruit.

Flavored Tequila contains no carbohydrates, fats, protein, sodium, fiber, or cholesterol. Our entire process delivers tequila rested in white oak barrels for a short period of time, producing extraordinarily smooth balancing silver tequila with a hint of añejo flavors. Before bottling in its beautiful decanter bottles the tequila is filtered to remove any sediment that might have left behind.

EXODO is bottled in unique, handcrafted crystal bottles. Each bottle is a truly unique piece of art we individually craft every bottle by hand in Mexico City using pure, lead-free crystal. Our skilled Artisans with more than twenty five years of experience, place the red-hot crystal in molds, one by one, until the shape takes hold. The crystal is then sculpted, bathed and polished by hand until it develops a lustrous shine look or taken onto another process to giving a frosted look. The elegant shape of our bottles creates an elegant urban sophisticated decanter bottle; refined enough to house our uniquely smooth tequila. Bottles are then labeled, boxed, shipped and exported to our customers from Jalisco Mexico.